Sunday, August 19, 2007

Places you don't talk about at parties

On Wednesday, our septic materials arrived and Jim started getting 'em in the ground. I think he'll be back tomorrow to install the field and we'll get the whole thing approved on Tuesday (septic is the only inspection item here in Hardy County).

Making sure "it" flows downhill:

The tank gets backfilled with limestone dust to protect it from damage:


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence...Septic is the only thing we have to get approved up here in Mineral County, WV.

What size tank is that in the photo? We have to have a 1000 gallon tank min. Seems awfully large to me. Why did you go with plastic over concrete for the tank?

Chris said...

The tank is 1000 gallons. Plastic was easier for installation reasons (concrete requires a bigger truck, a boom crane, etc.), especially with our site. The biggest downside for plastic is floating, but we got 600 gallons of water in it right away, and it's downhill of the retaining wall, so hopefully there won't be any movement.