Friday, August 03, 2007

Deck Status

Here are our deck post bases, which aren't all precisely the same distance from the house, but were set at the same height and will do just fine:

All our pressure treated lumber for the deck is on the site; I need to get the ledger on the house and then we're ready to go. Ipe is ordered (1300 linear feet of 5/4" x 6" x 8' boards at $3.34/ft from Mike at Austin Wholesale Lumber; came to just under $5000 with the $700 delivery charge). Haven't bought any of the materials for the posts/railing system yet - Feeney stainless steel cable system is what Res4 spec'd.


Anonymous said...

We are trying to build something in WV too!

Really like that you are giving material costs on the project. Super interesting.

Did you order the lumber thru the internet? I assume the IPE is just for the decking. What about the support structure? Are you using typical pressure treated lumber?

I am excited to see that you are going to use the Feeney System for the railing. I just found that last week and I am interested in it for our deck project. I will be interested to read your thoughts on it. Are you going to do the install yourself of the deck and railing?

Chris said...

We got the PT lumber for the deck framing through our local 84 Lumber; the ipe I tracked down online. We're are going to do the deck ourselves - Res4 did a rough detail for us, and of all the DIY tasks we're taking on it's the one that intimidates me the least (we'll see where that kind of hubris gets me).

I'll get some specific numbers up for the deck over at the budget site once we're finished.