Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Finished Res4 House

When Sarah and I started thinking about Res4 and had our first meeting with them last summer, they told us about a house that had just been set in Wainscott (about an hour past my mom's house on Long Island). We met the contractor out at the house one afternoon and he showed us around - we really wanted to feel what their boxes were like inside size-wise, and we were lucky to be able to take a look. The space was terrific - much bigger than we'd expected (of course this house is about 4000sf). But it cinched it for us - Res4 was the way to go.

Well that house is finished. And quite a house it turned out to be:

This is about where we stood and thought, "This is a pretty big space" (the kitchen module was roughly the size of what we were thinking about at the time for our whole house!):

Res4's site has lots more pics of this house, from drawings to factory construction to finished product.

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