Sunday, August 12, 2007

All by Myself, Don't Wanna Be

I worked by myself on Friday, mostly on siding. I could only reach about this high with one level of scaffolding (note the dry erase board to write down my cut lengths, which meant I could minimize the trips climbing up and down between cutting and nailing):

When I couldn't reach any higher I had to add another level to the scaffolding (by myself, need I remind you):

And then I got tired of climbing up and down the scaffolding, so I eliminated the climbing from the process completely. I set up the chop saw on some 2x10s on top of the deck (and though I'm not the savviest guy with a computer, having my laptop on site saved me when my iPod froze):

And while the folks (and the food) at the Lost River Grill have been a treat, I've been eating the same three sandwiches for too many dinners in a row. So this was a welcome change:

On the menu - bratwurst, grilled peppers and tomatoes, an ear of corn, chips and hummus:


eric said...

Looks tasty...
...the house too.
Been following your blog for a while now and really enjoy the progress updates. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Amazing! I'm building my own modular and just had it delivered Thursday! I found your blog through res4. Well I dunno about you, but I'm getting tired and it's only half over! I'm very interested in how you achieved the look you did with your siding. Email me if you have time. Thanks,