Sunday, August 19, 2007

Barbaric yawps

I spent a lot of time on my roof today (yawping for only the occasional miss with my hammer). I got my roofing estimate back from the roofer who did The Plains House. Took a lot of phone calls (which are a pain here at the site) - I think this is a relatively small job for them so I'm not a huge priority. But they know exactly what I need, and they are apparently very good (if not prompt in getting out estimates). One of the headaches here is that their original bid (which they never sent me) included time and materials for framing out the eave. But then their "boss" told the roofer in charge of my estimate that they won't do the carpentry ("we're not carpenters"). So I'm doing it. And hopefully they'll be out here soon.

This is what the roof line looks like under the housewrap with the rubber membrane pulled back:

I have to build out the eave, which means adding a strip of sheathing, a 2x3 and a 2x6, and an aluminum vent:

The roofers will then hand-shape galvalume flashing across the entire eave (all four sides of the house):

Rubber membrane tacked down onto the eave:


Anonymous said...


Just discovered your blog - nice going!

For the fascia, Galvalume seems like a nice option. For our project I always envisioned painted for the flashing, but we are using Galvalume on the garage, so maybe it can be everywhere.

Parapet and fascia flashing always seems like that spot that shows any sort of construction inconsistencies (oil canning shows up most of the time). Have you decided on a heavy gauge or way to alleviate this?


Chris said...

Hi Angelo - I guess I just discovered your blog too! We like to think that our project is just a test run for a real home in a real city somewhere down the line...good luck.

With any luck we won't have any oil canning issues - we're talking about ten foot lengths of 14" hand-broken 24 gauge galvalume, glued on top and lapped over a cleat on the face. The face will only be about 8 inches; the seams won't be glued (maybe rivets if necessary). So hopefully we can keep the waviness to a minimum. The only real construction inconsistency that might come into play would be the levelness of the roofline, but since each span of galvalume will be so short that shouldn't present an issue.

Any other suggestions?