Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another reason to blog more

I have a long list of things for which I need to thank Res4, and it's time to add publicity to the list. Thanks to an email blast about the progress of our house, I've got lots of new traffic and the onus is on me to keep everybody coming back, heh?

So here's a rough recap: Sarah is eight months pregnant (and was manning the table saw today!); our two boys are managing to entertain themselves at our construction site (gravel, gravel, and more gravel) while we try to finish the siding and frame the deck; my brother Craig and his friend Carter are off to parts unknown so I've lost my captive labor; still no water or electric; the basement is framed and we've got an electrician starting our rough wiring tomorrow. My ambition was to finish this house all on our own - earn some sweat equity, pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. And while we've definitely saved some money (and our cedar siding looks awesome), we're not setting any land speed records. The reality is that grad school starts back up for me again at the end of the month and my "summer vacation" is almost over. So I'm gonna put in as much time as I can at the site but also start farming some more things out that we were initially hoping to do ourselves. We'll still be saving some money by acting as our own GC, but we'd really love to get some renters in by leaf season and that ain't gonna happen if I'm still out here on the weekends in the fall working on the plumbing...

Long story short - we're hoping to finish by early September, we're keeping a list of names of people we've heard from about making reservations (send any inquiries to lostrivermodern AT gmail DOT com), and we'll keep getting pics of our progress and updates about money posted as often as we can.

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