Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Professional advice

Thanks to John at Res4, who helped me fix a little problem I ran into finishing the roof eave on the backside of the house yesterday. Turns out that the roof trusses on that side of the house didn't extend far enough to leave room for the air vent. So following John's suggestion (after talking to him on the new phone service installed at my house!), I extended each of the truss ends - the white of the house wrap is where the original truss ends - before fastening the 2x6:

Another roofer came out to the site yesterday; we should get an estimate from him by the end of the week and soon we should have a finished roof!


Anonymous said...

How did you attach the little extensions? It is not clear from the photo.
I am surprised at this problem. I thought the kit was precut to avoid this kind of thing. Not very good QC on RES4's part IMHO.

Jake Boen said...

Yes, How did you attach these? I hope you lapped them (sistered) and attached from the side. The photo looks like little blocks tacked on to the end. Thats not going to last long!

Chris said...

The extensions are 1.5" blocks of a 2x4 ripped down to 2.5", facenailed with 3" 8d framing nails. They are not sistered; the only weight they're being asked to hold is the 2x6 and the galvalume and the engineer says they'll hold just fine.

Res4's stuff isn't a kit, and nothing about it is precut. All this framing was done in the factory; it doesn't seem to me to be a big mistake and the fix was pretty easy. As far as construction QC goes this seems pretty low on the list of things that would get caught. The eave has to be built on site because the module is already right at 16' wide, the most allowed on the roads. So not surprising that it wouldn't get caught til we get to this stage, I don't think.