Monday, June 23, 2008

With these kinds of guests...

When we stayed at the Luminhaus, we had a sense of how much time and labor had gone into building it (of course not as much as we do now). And we took care of it accordingly. We broke the coffee pot and I drove twenty minutes to find a replacement. And I hope that's the attitude people have at our place. So far it certainly has been. And I can't imagine we're ever going to get renters who are partying or beating on stuff.

But all of the folks who have stayed so far have been superstars. John and Laura, our first guests, talked with me for an hour on the phone about their visit, and took copious notes. (And have already booked two more weekends!) Chris and Ritamary chipped in one of those wire brush scrubbers for the grill. Ross and Libby sent along a professional-quality blurb and a fancy corkscrew. And Jake, whose Herculean bicycle trip from Pittsburgh to our cabin really cannot be appreciated unless you are a biker (and I am and I still can't really get my arms around three consecutive 100-mile days in the mountains), sent along these pics:

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. It makes me want to stay there.