Saturday, June 07, 2008

Anybody out there run a B & B?

We're trying to find an affordable merchant payment system that will allow us to authorize security deposits (and process charges against those authorizations in the unfortunate event that becomes necessary). I can't figure out a way to use PayPal to effect that sort of setup. Any advice?


Mama Hoggett said...

I will ask Sarah (Whitman)'s parents--they ran a B&B in New Hampshire for 6-7 years and would probably have some advice.

Anonymous said...

Try Google Checkout.
Otherwise, you may have to just go "old school" with a traditional merchant account - which isn't so bad anyway, when all of the perks are to be considered. Then, you can do card capture in a variety of methods - including renting or purchasing (off of ebay or craigslist) a card swiping machine. Remember to convey that you want the ability to authorize - THEN capture the card, not immediate capture of funds.