Thursday, June 05, 2008

Whatever the kids are listening to these days

It'll sound (and look) pretty good in here. Hard to believe that these are the first (and only) nice pieces of audio equipment I've ever owned - the Sony receiver and cd player (anybody use those anymore?) date back to sophomore year of college - that's 1993 - and the Bose cube speaker system goes back to 1997 when my brother was a salesman there and hooked me up. The iPod docking station, I figure, is a necessary nod to a more modern moment...

Took this pic before I painted over the drywall repair spots:

These, however, are decidedly NOT fancy. $29 at Circuit City, but they sound fine outside.


Anonymous said...

This was such a nice touch. It was so cool to hook our iPod up to the stereo and have music outside and inside

Brandon said...

Good on you for incorporating sound into your game plan.

There was a time when I just knew that the first thing I'd buy after getting a "real" job would be a killer hi-fi. You know, something sleek, Scandinavian, German, or handmade in America, and ridiculously expensive. I've always been a minimalist when it comes to stereo gear, though, so nothing flashy.

Instead, I have the same Onkyo integrated amp I bought with high-school graduation money twenty years ago. I guess I can take credit for having chosen wisely. My CD player is an entry level Sony model and at least ten years old. The closest thing to fine in the setup is a pair of PSB Alpha speakers I bought about twelve years ago. Here's the kicker: All of this stuff is packed away on shelves in my garage!

When I listen to music at home, it's either through the speakers of my MacBook Pro, or some Cambridge Soundworks computer speakers that I used to use at the office. I even use these as monitors when I record music.

My eighteen-year-old self would be disgusted with me. The reality now is that I listen almost exclusively to MP3s, and using truly hi-fi equipment would be like using a hammer to kill a fly.

Chris said...

John, did you use the dock or did you pull out the cord and plug into your headphone jack?

I'm still the kinds guy who unpacks his stereo first when he moves into a new place (and I've moved plenty the last few years). Killed me to be working in this house as long as we were without being able to get my music really going.

And I'm still partial to the big sound of a real stereo, especially out in WV since I don't get to play music too loud at home these days. d