Thursday, June 05, 2008

Who takes care of this when I'm not here?

So the crazy weather in DC yesterday was crazy weather in WV first. Five minutes of watching BIG oak trees bend with the wind, then lots of rain. Repeat. Didn't have power for most of the day; we barbecued homemade pizza on the grill. Which was pretty great.

In a break between squalls, I went on a run to the hardware store to grab some things and saw this in the woods:

And this in front of me on the driveway:

And hour later (and after getting some help from the boys), we were back in business:

Can't very well ask a tenant to do this, though, can I?


Jake said...

This is the first time I've seen the infamous driveway. I think after riding my bike for 200 or so miles I'm just going to crawl up it.

Chris said...

I don't envy you upon your arrival. This is just the bottom - you've got 1000 ft or so past this to huff up. And sounds like it's gonna be HOT.