Saturday, March 08, 2008

Enough of this pre-fab blah blah blah

It's March!

With a second consecutive Big East championship secured, I'm off to WV (where there is a scary "High Wind Warning" in effect). Drywall finished by Monday???


Anonymous said...


kate said...

Thank goodness someone told you to take a picture with your iPhone! What savvy friends and family you have... GO HOYAS!!!!

Chris said...

Thank you Kate...

I have to teach on Thursday too. I'm gonna have to race to the bar across the street when I get out at 2:30.

Unknown said...

Wall Street Journal, Weekend section (04/14/08): "The House in a Box: Homes Sold as Kits Enjoy a Modest Renaissance, But Low Cost and Speedy Assembly Can Be Elusive."

Alas, all the do-it-yourselfers are off putting things together and won't get to read this. For the rest of us: