Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Design Contest, Redux

Here's another nit that Res4 is helping me with. Any suggestions appreciated.

The cleanest way to install my stair treads is flush with the drywall. But what to do about carrying the trim from upstairs? I also will have bamboo t/g flooring on the landing, which probably will require trim. So do I carry the trim from upstairs all the way down? And if so, what to do about the lower half of the stairs, where - as you can see from the last pic - there isn't enough clearance for the baseboard trim that's upstairs? (The treads that are on the stairs now are temporary and will come off before real treads/trim go on.)


Anonymous said...

We had bamboo put in a couple of years ago. There is no trim on the stairs. The wood goes flush to edge. It looks nice. It has a bullnose front.

Quarter round thru the rest of the ground floor.

Chris said...

Thanks Pat. How did you transition the trim from upstairs? Where does it end? The bamboo treads w/out trim would look great, but then I have the landing that needs bamboo, too, and that will be harder to do without trim...