Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Live Blogging

The faucet hole in the kitchen island wasn't drilled before the house left the Simplex factory - one of the very few items that just got missed. But it presented a pretty big headache, because the stone is Zodiaq, a material none of the folks out here in WV deal with. So the only folks I could get to even consider coming out to deal with it were DC stone companies, but once they figured out it was a two hour drive to drill one hole they didn't want anything to do with me. So I've been washing dishes in the bathroom sink and trying to figure out what to do. Eventually I had Simplex put me in touch with their stone people - DeSavino & Sons - who very generously put a used diamond-tipped hole saw in the mail. So I spent $60 on a grinder (which I also used to cut off the excess cable on the deck) and knocked out the hole myself (it was pre-drilled about 2/3 of the way):

That was my morning's work. Of course, the ball valves the plumbers had put it are a different size than the faucet's supply hoses, so still no water in the kitchen...

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