Friday, March 21, 2008

For Kate, A To-Do List

Here's what we've accomplished so far this week:

-last round of mudding in the basement;
-last round of sanding in the basement;
-repaired all the upstairs drywall cracks from the delivery and set;
-trimmed the excess deck cable and mounted the finish hardware;
-installed the kitchen faucet, sink trap and garbage disposal;
-installed dishwasher;
-installed the under-cabinet lighting;
-installed all the cabinet hardware;
-installed a new outlet behind the stove (house came with a 220 outlet for an electric range, but we changed to gas and needed a 120); and
-started painting.

Here's a rough list of what's left:

-I haven't yet done a thing in the basement bathroom, and the small bedroom in the basement is basically a storage closet right now, so its drywall hasn't been mudded or taped;
-all the basement doors need to be hung;
-w/d need to be installed;
-we need to figure out what we're doing about a closet system in the basement;
-bamboo treads and risers and the bamboo on the landing;
-basement trim;
-finish matl's for the basement recessed lights and we still need to find a pendant light for above the dining table;
-cement board and remaining couple of pieces of cedar trim;
-outdoor speakers;
-basement media (tv, satellite, audio system);
-finish coat of paint; and
-I'm sure lots of little things that we'll figure out as we go.


kate said...

YAY! I finally feel validated enough to come see the place. I'll be there next week. :)

Mama Hoggett said...

so the next FAV at the west virginia house can coincide with the hoyas final four appearance? :)

-m, m, i & g

Chris said...

That would require me to REALLY hustle. And to get some sort of viewing equipment suitable to the occasion - which might take a LOT more money than we've got right now...but I'm up for it if you are!

Tom was complaining when he was here that you two (Marc, specifically) have been really slacking off on the farm updates. Got better things to do than blog?

And Kate - we're not really ready for you yet either, but if you do come you could claim "first guest" honors for all time.