Friday, November 16, 2007

When to buy stuff

One of the things about not having somebody (besides me) in charge of everything - especially in light of how slow I'm going - is figuring out when to order materials. You want to have everything on hand when you're ready to use it, but you don't want too much stuff sitting around onsite, getting in the way, having to move it over and over again, vulnerable to theft, getting damaged, etc. For instance:

*I've had to move the drywall that hasn't been hung yet twice - and that's no fun. And now it's outside - covered, but not the ideal place for it;

*the cedar for the railings and deck posts has been onsite for awhile now (also outside), and it got pretty wet once (tarp had a hole in it I didn't know about);

*the pressure treated lumber for the deck frame was onsite probably a month before we were ready to use it (though we had it in a fine spot and we kept it out of the sun to prevent cupping).

Today I ordered the Feeney Cable for the deck. $2000 for roughly 1000' of 1/8 stainless steel cable and their threaded ends and fasteners. (You can buy that cable from any supply store for about $.50/ft, but how do you fasten it? I couldn't think of any good ways...the Feeney system has tension fasteners and that's what you're paying the big money for.) The last of the ipe is waiting for me at the house (only two rows left to do), as is the rest of the cedar fascia and all the notched deck posts (all needs to be stained). And the last of the t&g cedar is stained and ready to go up. Sears is supposed to come tomorrow (the fifth time we've had a visit scheduled) to fix our fridge, and I'll be out there first thing to wait for them and get some work done. I've got no school next week and hope to get a lot done (house and school). We'll see...

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