Friday, November 09, 2007

Mixing Business with Business

Sarah tells me she's been getting complaints (from people who will remain nameless) about my last post. Sarah, in fact, has wondered aloud about my last post. Sometimes I just need to justify my blogging to myself, you know?

Here's a story in today's Times about a fun house in the Hood River Valley in Washington state that my friend Bill pointed out to me. Similar to the volume of Res4's Mountain Retreat house, but by functional demand as opposed to simple aesthetics:

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Anonymous said...

I stuggled with the Times article as the pictures made the place look like a mobile home on stilts. I know there is a huge tension between affordable modular/pre-fab design and the high end stuff but where is the housing in the middle? Your blog journey is extremely important for those of us trying to decide whether or how we enter the prefab pool.