Sunday, November 04, 2007

Par for the Course

Twenty five degrees at night in WV this weekend, but up to 60 during the day. We've got a working furnace in the house (but still no gas), so the house stayed pretty warm. Still a little drafty with the basement unfinished.

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I didn't have enough ipe to cover the whole deck. I was two rows short. Ninety linear feet. We didn't have any waste at all; I think I probably didn't include the square footage of the walkway in front of the house when I ordered it. On Friday I got all my boards down, and I'll get the six more that I ordered sometime next week.

I stained some of the T&G cedar and some of the cedar 2x12 for the fascia; I built some new drying racks and set up a drying station on the deck. (That's tricky with all the leaves falling, but I don't have anyplace else to put it.)

Oh, and I FINALLY got my money back from Mike at Austin Wholesale for the original misdelivered ipe...

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