Monday, September 10, 2007

If it ever rains again, we'll stay dry

Haven't had much rain so far this summer. So our roofing delays didn't turn out to be the biggest deal. Constable Builders (David, Eugene and Wayne Constable) did the roof on Friday and they were great. They broke the galvalume drip edge at their shop and brought it with them:

Installed the "cleat" against the eave:

Fastened the overlapping EPDM membrane into the cleat and slid the drip edge over it:

Fastened the drip edge to the roof and covered it with BAT tape:

I built the scupper boxes:

They flashed them:

This system means there are no exposed fasteners, just a long clean roof line. Looks pretty good. Can't wait for it to rain so we can see how the water comes off the scuppers.


Fenestrate said...
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Fenestrate said...

Chris - first off, thanks for posting nice big hirez photos - it helps when I am trying to decipher the detail of what is going on.

In your last photo I am trying to understand what the piece is just behind the roofer's brush. I assumed the scupper was a trough that ran the full length of the roof, but perhaps not? Is it just a spout at the end of the roof?

Chris said...

The scupper on our house is just the spout. I think on some of Res4's earlier designs, they did have a trough that ran the length of the butterfly in the roof. I know the Plains House had some issues with debris and ice collecting in the trough. Our house has what's called a cricket in the middle of the roof, which is just a very gentle slope from a high point in the middle of the roof toward the edges. Then the water falls over the edge of the short wall into the scupper. The scupper box is a 20 inches long or so, and slides into a sleeve that's built into that spot to receive it. So the roofer in that pic is flashing the spot where the scupper and the roof and the sleeve all meet - basically the side of the wall at that point, the same depth as the rest of the wall on that side of the house. Much easier to see in a pic, but I don't think I have any of that spot before yesterday.