Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clean as a whistle

I spent a long afternoon out at the house yesterday cleaning the basement - the concrete polishers are arriving tomorrow morning. I had to move a LOT of stuff - including 25 sheets of drywall and our bathtub - by myself, which was not easy. We've struggled a bit trying to decide when to get these guys in (and we've had issues with not having power): Should we wait til the end of the process (when drywall's done) so that we don't make a mess of a fancy finished floor with mud and tools and staging? Or should we have scheduled them at the beginning (before walls were up) so they could work with an open space and not have to worry about edging or water damage to the drywall? Everybody has a different opinion, and each seems to have its merits. We're getting them in now cause I know I won't be out there for a bit (school, baby coming) and that means we've got a week of nothing going and nobody in anybody else's way. So I'll get some pics up as soon as I get a chance to see how it's going (I hope to be able to check in on them one day this week).

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