Sunday, September 16, 2007

Face for Radio

Our friends from TV land were here (at our everyday house in College Park) on Friday for a very long day of interviews and "reenactments." We're really very excited to have our cabin be the subject of a tv show - what better advertisement for a rental property? And everybody we've worked with from the tv show has been great (though it turns out most of the people we've worked with have been freelancers - apparently that's often the way tv production works; who knew?).

It's really been an eye-opener, seeing how they try to translate our lived experience of this whole project to a 22-minute episode. TV is quite a different medium for telling a story compared to the blog, where I feel like I narrate every detail. And the tv folks need a story with some drama, so they want to hear about conflict and tension and anxiety, which we haven't had too much of. And they need a story that's easy to follow, so a lot of stuff gets simplified. For example, there have been very few lightbulb moments for us - "I know, let's build prefab!" - and that's what they need to mark the stages of the story. So we'll see how it turns out. And while it can be tedious (they got here at 8:30 and left at 5:30!), it really will be great to have what amounts to a commercial for us and Res4 at the end of the day - that is, if people aren't turned off by our acting skills...

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