Friday, May 16, 2008

80% Preparation...

...20% execution. I read that somewhere about good construction practice. Well, I'm at the end of an entire day of prep for painting, and no painting yet...argh. There's a lot to clean up before I get started, and I haven't even laid down the paper and tape yet! But I finished the last round of mudding in the bathroom/boys' room, finished trimming everything except the tv room, moved the cable box to a new spot and fished the appropriate cables (always a treat when that goes off without a hitch), and rearranged all my materials so the rooms to be painted are ready to go. Finishing dinner now, then time to get the paper on the floor.

For those of you who are intending to hang your plasma tvs on the wall, remember that often times your cable isn't going into the back of your tv. I had the guys who roughed in the electric run the cable to where I'm going to hang the tv, but it has to go to the satellite receiver first. Duh. And then an HDMI cable from the receiver to the tv. So I had to both those through in their proper places:

And a pretty clean room, I gotta say. One of the WONDERFUL things about getting close to done is that instead of having to move stuff around all the time (like doors and trim and cedar and drywall - a DIY reality if you are working as slowly as I am and have lots of mat'l just sitting around), I am actually putting it where it's supposed to go! There's less and less stuff around here by the hour!

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