Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Unable to do any work at the house the last few weeks, I've made up for it by buying things. First, a replica Eames LCW bent plywood lounge chair. $629 at DWR; I got it for $150 on Craigslist:

I also bought two Herman Miller arm shells on eBay for $250; they are similar, though one doesn't have the embossed HM seal. (Anybody know why that would be? Is any original Eames shell ever without the embossed seal? The shockmounts are in the right spot, the shape is perfect...) Then I got two sets of rocker bases with walnut runners for $85 each (also off eBay) and mounted them on the shells. I'm re-auctioning the one with the seal (up to $300 already!) and probably keeping this one:

I'm back out to the house tomorrow, where it is currently frigid but supposed to warm up by the weekend. Drywall and deck railing are at the top of the to-do list.


Eric Olson said...

> Is any original Eames shell ever without the embossed seal?

Yes. I have one from '49 with a paper sticker where the embossed seal usually sits that says Herman Miller. As for the two tone color of yours shown... that might be more of a mystery.

Chris said...

Thanks - I suppose only the early ones would have been just a sticker, heh?

And it's been painted on the outside - a couple of spots are showing the nice bright orange through the paint. They even painted the shocks. I'm going to take it off - ever done that?

How's your house plan coming?

Eric Olson said...

Can't say I've taken the paint off one. I'm sure many people have but the strength of most paint strippers worries me. You're a handy dude though so the shell is in good hands.

The house is in high gear. Soil tests started today, closing on the land next week and then more plan revisions. We've been playing footsy with the city as our lot is really narrow so every little inch counts right now. I think we'll at least do a Flickr page soon to track the progress.