Sunday, January 06, 2008

Make Lemonade

Yesterday I built and drywalled the soffit to enclose the ductwork:

They say that the HVAC guys don't care about where your lights are, and that was the case with my guy. So I had to move my light boxes to new spots (thankfully the guys who did the wiring left some slack so I didn't have to re-wire anything).

Today wasn't so cold, so I took a break from drywall and worked outside on the final pieces of cedar. I was actually able to make use of the 2x6 cedar that was intended for the railing but wasn't the right length - I ripped them down to 3/4" and cut them to size to fit the horizontal run over the sliders:

Looks pretty good. Tomorrow I'll stain the rest of the dimensional cedar for the vertical runs, and then we're just about set for the exterior of the house (two pieces of Cembonit are coming for around the windows downstairs).

I'm also going to start the cable railing on the deck tomorrow. Sarah and the boys are supposed to come out - we'll see if that makes me more or less productive!

Oh, and tonight I took a shower. Which wouldn't be blog-worthy but for the fact that yesterday morning when I got up I had no water in the house, and no water from the spigot out at the well. After a brief moment of panic that the $10k well was dry after only six months, I found out from the well folks that a switch on the well pump was probably frozen. Sure enough, this afternoon the water came back on. They're going to come out and wrap whatever needs protection from the cold to make sure it doesn't happen again. So tonight I installed a very clever wire shower rod from Ikea and took my first shower inside the house (I took a couple of COLD showers over the summer underneath the scupper while it rained...).

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