Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No thank you

When the slab was poured, there was extra concrete (about a yard, apparently). The driver and our contractor pushed us pretty hard to find uses for it (lining the driveway ditch, filling the carpad, etc.). I guess it's a pain for them to get rid of it. If I'd known ahead of time we could have located a spot for a shed and had footers poured for it, but it wasn't a last second option. So I told them no thanks and take your concrete with you. Craig told me follow the concrete truck out and make sure he didn't just dump it in the woods, and I did, and he didn't.

Anyway, walking around the site yesterday we found this off the side of the driveway:

That is presumably what the concrete guy who poured the foundation walls did with his extra concrete (we weren't there for that pour). So the moral of the story is keep an eye on where your extra concrete ends up, and have a plan for it ahead of time if that makes sense for you.


Eric Olson said...

Oh jeez. I worked as a laborer and sometimes cement finisher in highschool and college so I've seen my share of 'dumps'. This looks like a good one though... it's almost as if was sculpted! Seeing as it's taken this long to find, I imagine it's out of usual sight?

By the way, still looking great. You had me worried a few posts back with the foundation issues. Can't wait to see the view from inside through the big sliders.

Chris said...

Yeah, I think at the end of the day my boys are actually going to love it. And it's out of the way (though almost ran across the property line!).

It is starting to come together - the siding (which we'll start this weekend) should start to make it really look like a house. And the view is great at sunset, and now we have to figure out how much thinning to do of the trees.

Probably no pics/posts til Monday. I start to feel guilty when I know people are checking in but I haven't put up anything new...