Thursday, July 26, 2007

And ANOTHER thing...

Just kidding. (Actually, I need to find a roofer cause my contractor ordered all the wrong materials and that'll be the last mistake he makes for me. But more on that later.)

Back from vacation and a quick trip to WV - the cabin really looks terrific with the siding on (three sides just about finished). I've got lots of pics but I left my camera's USB cable in the Adirondacks, so they'll have to wait for awhile. In the meantime, here's what's new at the site since I was last there: Craig is apparently a magnet for hummingbirds, and Carter does a fantastic Christopher Walken (Carter does the True Romance scene, but I've decided to keep this blog family friendly). The deck footers are poured. The Guest House has apparently found out about us, so we might meet some of our neighbors soon (hopefully they won't catch on to our secret plan to steal all their customers). Simplex will have a crew out to the site next week to do some punchlist stuff. John and Joe from Res4 will be out to visit on Wednesday (on their way home from speaking here - if you're anywhere near Richmond, definitely check it out). I think our friends from TV land will be at the site then too. Turns out the Lost River State Park has had wifi all this time and I didn't know it - so now I can update the blog from WV (as if I don't spend enough time posting here as it is). And I'm back out there tomorrow morning.

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