Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One of our local radio stations has been pitching itself as green lately, and apparently Home Depot thinks that lawnmowers are good for us (Times subscription req'd - sorry). So I haven't really talked about our cabin as "green" too much - though we've tried to take advantage of some sustainable materials and we've been attentive to energy efficiency. And prefab (arguably) has a claim to being green in its own right.

But I tell you - staining 5000 linear feet of cedar is NOT green. And it doesn't wash off. I feel like a duck with all the water-resistant oils my body has absorbed. But we are (pretty much) done with all of it - a few pieces of trim to stain, but after two full days of sanding and staining we are ready to start getting it up on the house. Back out to the site tomorrow to begin...

Stacks of drying and dried cedar:

Test run (with our fingerprints all over it - that's why you should wait til it dries...):

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