Thursday, June 07, 2007

Schedule, revised

Here's our new (optimistic) schedule - praying it stays dry:

Tomorrow, June 8: Pour footers; Res4 walk-through inspection of finished house in factory;

Wednesday, June 13: Pour walls;

Thursday, June 14: Pour slab;

Monday, June 18: Bring utilities up driveway;

Wednesday, June 20: House delivered;

Thursday, June 21: House set.

Today the concrete guys set the forms for the footers. The forms double as the drain pipes (the perforations let water in and funnel it to away from the foundation). Because we'll have a walk-out basement, the downhill footer is set lower than the other three walls (to get under the frostline). The foundation walls will rise three feet above the uphill grade, and then we'll backfill. The pad to the right (the downhill side) is where the crane will park; it'll be returned to its original grade, so the ground below the walk-out wall will also be about three feet higher at the end of the day than it appears right now.

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