Friday, June 15, 2007


No foundation yet. We've been having some very unusual weather here in the DC area since the beginning of the week - a low pressure system over the Bay of Maine and a high pressure system over the Great Lakes meant that our weather was coming from the northeast, and most of that weather has been showers and thunderstorms. Short version: our road is a muddy mess and the concrete truck can't get to the top of the hill. So right now we're on for Monday to pour the walls. Not the end of the world. But I've got the house coming on Wednesday and no place to put it (concrete won't have cured yet). Set is tentatively rescheduled for Monday, June 23d.

My brother Craig and I were out at the site yesterday (we left home before we heard that the pour was cancelled). We spent some time working on the huge log pile at the top of the hill; we're going to have firewood for YEARS.

I'll be at the Simplex factory this coming Monday morning for our walk-through inspection; I'll take lots of pics.

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