Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ninjas fight ALL the time

The videos on Res4's site of the Dwell House have apparently gone viral. And the architecturally savvy ninjas at MyNinjaPlease are impressed.

Jetson Green wonders about the presentation. I think they're great, and I think the music is outrageously cool, but I know something he does not know: Claudia Tanney, the producer of the second and third videos, was about twelve years old when she put them together. I, at 32, just learned how to use blogger.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? A 12 year old made these videos? I must be missing something.

Chris said...

She didn't make the fly-by video, but she made the other two (sorry, re-reading my post I see I misstated that). I saw the Dwell open house video (and one she did for the set) before our first meeting with Res4 last summer. I assumed Claudia was Joe Tanney's wife or sister or something. Turns out she's pretty savvy with a mac.