Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's Factory Visit

Well the house is coming along great. The EPDM is on, bamboo floors are in, bathroom is being tiled, trim is being fitted. It was great to see everything in person rather than pictures...

Simplex seems to be keeping up with Res4's attention to detail, and it's great to know that both of them are as excited as we are about getting everything done right. I hear some of the guys at the factory have even been checking in on this blog - if so, thanks for all the hard work.

On to pics. I'll just put them up and say a bit more about the visit tomorrow...

Gotta wear your hardhat:

Looking up at the peak of the butterfly over the master bedroom:

Open windows of the downhill side of the bedroom:

From the inside of that bedroom:

Clerestory window above the stairs:

Double windows and tile in the bath:

Close-up of bath window and tile (the sills are sloped toward the shower, which is a nice touch - thank you Simplex):

Bamboo floor (darker than you usually see):

Close-up of the bamboo:

Sliding mechanism for bedroom pocket door:

Brushed aluminum recessed lights (look very sharp):

Trim in the living room (just tacked right now):

Kitchen cabinets (I was worried about how the sloped ceiling would look above them - I wanted a soffit to come flush to the front of the cabinets; I was convinced otherwise and I'm glad. The slope of the ceiling is pretty dramatic with the shadowing here):

Front door hardware:

Sliding door hardware (same finish as the front door, but the light is different here):

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