Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First Glitch

And a minor one at that, but John from Res4 called yesterday to say that the factory got the wrong size floor trusses. Their usual module size is 14' wide; they also usually use 2x10s as trusses. Res4 designs their boxes with manufactured 2x12 open web trusses. (You quickly begin to see how much of a step outside their comfort zone these different designs are for the factory - not that they can't do it, but that even the littlest tweaks are potential headaches for them.) The factory had apparently framed all the walls and was ready to begin the floor when they realized the webbed trusses were too short; so now they're stuck. If they wait for new trusses to arrive, this spot in the assembly line is stuck - no work for the factory. So Jason Drouse, our factory rep, called me to basically say please allow us to use 2x12s as trusses so we can keep working as scheduled. Not that big a deal to us - we'll have to drill through the trusses now to wire the bottom of the box for basement lights, but Res4 is comfortable that the stability will not be an issue. Much bigger deal to the factory. So we said fine (actually means $1000 or so back to us).

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