Monday, May 14, 2007

At the site today

Just a quick post - I'll recap later. But I wanted to put up a couple of pics of the Lost River valley - pretty nice this time of year.


Alys said...

Well I just stumbled on your site in my search for more detailed info regarding prefab homes. What a great resource!! I just finished reading through the whole thing! My husband and I are moving from NYC to Chapel Hill where we have family and own a piece of land. Like you and your wife, we find the idea of prefab very appealing for cost, environmental, and design reasons. Your house looks great! I had just emailed Res4 after seeing the Dwell house (of course!) and loving it. I was asking of they knew of somewhere we could stay in a prefab home to 'feel' what it is like. Sounds like your house might be perfect! I will be checking back often. I can't wait to see interior pictures. Thanks for the cost info as that is obviously one of the first questions/deciding factors you need answers to. Thanks!

Chris said...

Nice! Keep checking in - these next six weeks or so are going to be pretty active. Feel free to email me any specific questions and any feedback/response you have to what you're seeing/reading (the email address is on the blog).

Res4 is fantastic - they've got a lot to offer in addition to the Dwell House and I can't say enough about how positive our experience has been so far. Good luck.