Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

So it's been two weeks since I was last out at the house, so not much to blog. This is how I left things:

That's gonna be a cozy bathroom, by the way. (That's NYC realtor talk for tiny.)

In the meantime, I have done the following:

-bought a fancy plasma tv on craigslist (new Panasonic TH-42PC77U in an open box for $900 - won at a charity auction by some rich guy who already had two (!) plasmas in his house);
-arranged to have DirecTV installed;
-bought a reproduction Wassily chair for $20 (also craigslist);
-bought a nice aluminum and teak outdoor table (guess from where?);
-researched the staggering variety of mulch available for purchase just down the road from the house in WV;
-got a bill for (gulp) $4200 for the work the excavators did stoning the driveway and putting gravel around the house;
-did some homework re: website aesthetics/functionality at the behest of my IT consultants for our lostrivermodern.com homepage;
-presented a paper at a conference in NYC on early slave petitions;
-had dinner with Zach and Jen (Michael is looking forward to doing "karate" with Evan) and drinks with a bunch of old work buddies; and, finally,
-filed an extension on my taxes (merely to delay the misery of trying to figure out whether I am now, in fact, a "real estate professional" whose losses - and there are losses, believe me - can somehow mitigate the adverse consequences of borrowing from his 401k to fund this adventure).

Hopefully out to the house to deliver some of the aforementioned loot tomorrow, but have to come right back home for school. Next week I'll get a couple of days out there for some real work...

...oh, and when this thing starts making money hand over fist I'm gonna get a couple of these for the deck:


Mama Hoggett said...

well you seem to be getting a lot done even when you're not out in WV working on the house...keep it up, cb! you guys should all come out to SD to celebrate the finish of the house. :)

oh and thanks for the shout out...although some of your visitors will probably wonder what kind of site you're going to end up with (with your IT consultants on the farm and all)...

Anonymous said...


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