Saturday, April 26, 2008

Four weeks to go

We've got volunteers to be "test guests" Memorial Day weekend, so I've got one month to finish up...

I got a LOT of work done on Tuesday and Wednesday: plumbed the tub drain/overflow, hung the sheetrock/cement board in the bathroom, trimmed the bathroom window, tiled the shower until I ran out of mortar, hung and trimmed the basement doors. Forgot my camera, though, so the only evidence I have are these fuzzy phone pics:

I actually got most of the shower walls tiled - only about ten rows left to do, plus all the partial pieces to cut. Hanging tile is not rocket science - especially if you've hung your cement board well (with nice level seams), the only real tricks are laying it out so that you don't have to cut really tiny pieces of tile at the edges, and then getting the first row level. (I had an issue with the lip of the tub not meeting the cement board cleanly, so I've got a couple of pieces of tile that aren't perfectly vertical. C'est la vie. A whole post one of these days will be devoted to our DIY mantra of "it's good enough.")

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