Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking for ideas

I've got about 200 sf of 3"x6' bamboo floor boards left over and I'm brainstorming ideas for what to do. I am dream-sketching a treehouse for the boys and wonder how the bamboo would do outside. Anyone know? How bout as a rainscreen on a treehouse like this:

(That's the model for our treehouse at the moment - we're reaching for the stars...)

So will bamboo swell/contract enough left out in the elements to cause a problem on a rainscreen? I'd rip it lengthwise into 1" wide planks, then fasten to furring strips. Will it pop the screws?

Other ideas for the bamboo: a table top (maybe a coffee table?), shelves for the downstairs closets, a bench...

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Lilia Marchi said...

Bamboo as a rainscreen? What a nifty idea! It’s very eco-friendly and very healthy, in the end, because it’s a natural solution to protecting your home against the elements. It would be best if the bamboo were treated first, however. There is a specific treatment used on bamboo that will be used for construction that prevents the wood from swelling when it gets wet, so if you wish to use bamboo as a rainscreen, you’ll need to have the bamboo treated first.