Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bus Shed

We had a contractor out to at the house this week to talk about landscaping and that's what he called my wood shed. He said you see sheds like ours at the end of driveways in WV for kids to use while they wait for the bus for school in the morning (or to hide from the school bus in the morning). With all this wood in it, I think it's actually starting to look like a wood shed.

I wish I could say I filled it myself. But I'd been going at the giant log pile out there an hour or two at a time and not making much progress (enough to keep guests with wood for fires, but barely). So I broke down and hired someone local to have a go at it. He's making better progress than I was (and for $400 for what it already about 3 cords of wood, I think it is money well spent).

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