Monday, February 11, 2008


Bart at Advanced Chimney was supposed to install our woodburning stove today but he's got the flu(e).

*Tepid laughter from the audience*

So we're rescheduled for next Monday. But the propane people came and installed the converters for our range, so at least that's up and running. I got our lights, switches and outlets (mostly) working in the basement, which is nice:

And finished the final drywall hanging tidbits (like corner bead) before the mudding and taping can start:

And started the mudding and taping (which is going ok, though as you can see from my irregular fastener placement that it's not going to win any awards):

I know it's cold everywhere right now, but it was REALLY cold in the house last night. Lost power with all the wind, and I hadn't really gotten the house warmed up at all when it happened, so I went to bed in my sweats, a sweatshirt, a hat and two comforters, and temperature somewhere in the 40s in the bedroom...

The aptly named Blue Ridge in the distance on my drive home:

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