Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moving along...

We made an offer on a piece of land in Lost River, WV last week and we think we've got a deal. Thirty acres, already subdivided into three 10 acre lots, $142K. Also an option on ten adjoining acres for about the same $/acre. Unrestricted land, no homeowners association, no infrastructure in place. We're going to have to put some money into getting a suitable road to the desirable home sites, but we now have the option to build more than one home sometime in the future.

After meeting with two contractors and an excavator before making our offer (all of whom said getting a road to the homesites would be no problem), I met with another excavator today who was skeptical. So a little a bit of anxiety about that. We put a very small deposit down so I suppose we'll get some more opinions before we close, but I'm optimistic.

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